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Welcome to the Classic Australian Wooden Power Boat Association

This site is here for all those interested in classic wooden powerboating in Australia. It covers speedboats, raceboats, racing skiffs, hydroplanes and anything else that floats, is made either entirely of wood or is a cross-over boat (one constructed using a mixture of materials, but mostly of wood), goes fast and makes a lot of noise doing it. Note that a cross-over boat will be accepted only after a review by the CAWPBA Committee of the materials and construction methods used.

On offer on the site are pictures and articles of owner's boats, restoration projects, ordinary runabouts that have been in families for years, boats that are no longer extant but deserve a mention, old raceboats, past drivers and races, in fact anything about old wooden and cross-over powerboats. Most pictures and articles are from contributors, people with a story to tell.

The Classic Australian Wooden Power Boat Association is made up of enthusiasts from all over Australia. You don't have to own a wooden power boat to become a member, but only full wooden and appropriate cross-over boats are permitted at our "gatherings".

A large part of this website includes our Bulletin Board. The BB provides a forum to exchange information on the wooden powerboat scene in Australia as well as amongst the group. It also acts as a repository for that information. While you do not have to be an Association member to use the Board, it is encouraged. We also provide a Facebook page that offers a faster exchange of information.

Please enjoy our website.



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