Classic Australian Wooden Power Boats







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Photo shoot, CAWPBA, Lake Eppalock, 2018


Skiff Magic, CAWPBA, Narrandara 2017

Woodies at the 2016 Goolwa Aquafest

Francis Ransley in Road Runner setting water Tasmanian speed record, Rosevears, 1983

Early powerboat racing at Rosevears, Tasmania

Racing at Diana's Basin, featuring Country Boy, 1983


Early skiing and boat racing at Learmonth, Ballarat

Miss Lorena first launch, Jan 2015

The JET, Goolwa Aquafest, 2015

More classic Aussie wooden speed boats (normal audio)

More classic Aussie wooden speed boats (music background)

Skiffs and hydros on Glenmaggie, March 2015

Perfect conditions for Stormy and Screwit, Aug 2014

Skiff Rebound running at Goolwa, Apr 2014

Hydro ATOMIC running at Goolwa, Apr 2014

Thommo's grey powered skiff, Feb 2011

Test run for Rebound, Feb 2014

PAGAN's first outing for decades, Jan 2014

CAWPBA members Bundalong run, Jan 2014

Nice morning, a spare hour, empty lake . . . . . , Jan 2014

First run for a Lewis runabout converted to a skiff, 2013

CAWPBA Yarra & Maribyrnong River cruise, 2013

Lewis skiff Scrubcat hits the water at Narrandera, 2012

Riding in Al-Falfa, October 2012

CAWPBA members Bundalong run, Jan 2012

Skiffs in action at the 2012 Goolwa Aquafest

WIN News article on the NQWPBC regatta, March 2012

CAWPBA Yarra River Cruise, May 2011

CAWPBA Lake Eppalock weekend, March 2011

CAWPBA Narrandera Regatta highlights, 2009

Aggressor - 10 starts 10 wins

Highlights of Paynesville, 2009

Vintage US outboard hydro racing

The JET - 1958 and still a record holder

The "Collectors" feature on Dave Pagano

Syndicate - drag/race boat

Aggressor - 1970 26' V12 powered Thunderboat

Nova - a 1966 Eddy runabout

GeerLoose - a 1960's Lewis racing skiff

Stormy - a 1955 Eddy runabout

Vamoose - an early 50's Everingham runabout

Electric Girl - an early 1960's Lewis runabout

Atomic - 1958 hydroplane

Cheryl-D - an early 60's Lewis racing skiff

FF Sure - a mid 60's Lewis racing skiff

Cruising the Hawkesbury with Cassata and Comanche

Cassata - 1958 Abbata runabout

Renegade - 1973 Lewis racing skiff

Renegade - 1973 Lewis racing skiff