I'll be a member on July 1st - Australian Builders Plate

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I'll be a member on July 1st - Australian Builders Plate

Postby gwhastie » 25 Jun 2023, 10:18

Folks, I'm booked in to register my 16' inboard Crackerbox hull in 2 weeks and have a query about the Australian Builders Plate - Boat. Does anyone have a picture or template of an inboard plate that I can copy/use to create mine please? I can only find outboard examples on the internet.

As a bit of trivia, for the builders plate data calculations, I bought a set of digital crane scales off eBay ($36) and weighed my hull then engine/Velvet Drive, heat exchanger and all bolt-ons. By my estimate, (assuming the wooden hull will float on its own and the 3 adult occupants aren't wearing life jackets), I'll need 600kg of floatation (120 removable pool noodles cut up and attached around the perimeter of the hull - plus bundles at the transom and stem) for it to "Float Level" when swamped. A chap named Fergal Butler in Ireland had his 15' Crackerbox swamped in 2014 by a wave and sank in less than 30 seconds - no floatation. He finally found it 3 months ago (9 years later) and his recovery and restoration story is on Youtube if anyone is interested.
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