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Suppliers of hard to get parts, hardware, timber, etc.
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Re: Victorian Suppliers

Postby Greg » 23 Aug 2020, 21:48

Details are above Ray, second from the top

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Re: Victorian Suppliers

Postby rayza1 » 24 Aug 2020, 18:56

Thanks mate, should have looked up

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Re: Victorian Suppliers

Postby WoodRay » 23 Aug 2021, 15:34

Greg wrote:Re George White & Co (above).
I needed some brass beading a couple of weeks ago and with all the virus thing happening, driving from central Vic to the other side of Melbourne was not really an option. I called around for something closer, but none had any stock (all waiting for it to come from China!!). I phoned White & Co and they had some stock. I ordered it for delivery to me. Four days later (including the weekend), it arrived. Impressed with the speed. Unfortunately, the ends of the lengths were bent in transit, making it unusable. I called them up and explained the situation. His immediate concern was they didn't have enough stock remaining to cover me. He asked for a picture, which I sent. A call back a few hours later confirmed they had enough stock and it would be sent the following day. Two days later, the good arrived (undamaged), with the courier taking the damaged lengths back.
Great service needs some recognition.

Good to hear Greg. Great to see there are still some good ethical businesses around these days.

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