Ken Warby's other speed obsession

For when it's not really wooden speed boat related
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Ken Warby's other speed obsession

Postby Renojet » 22 Feb 2015, 11:09

This is a photo from Greg Thomsen - Australian Drag Racing History and Memorabilia fb page
This was a comment from David Warby’s fb page regarding the photo : It's actually Sue Ransom driving KW's car in that pic, we had to put a pillow under her seat to get her at the right height for her to drive, Sue mainly drove the other J-34 dragster ( US Invader), it has a smaller rollcage that suited her better, must have been a licence pass here..KW is at the side of the pic .
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Re: Ken Warby's other speed obsession

Postby bootlegger » 22 Feb 2015, 20:50

I think he had a jet truck as well waltzin matilda?

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