Shed Comfort

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Bob Vic
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Shed Comfort

Postby Bob Vic » 30 Jan 2021, 15:31

I had been keeping my eye out for some cheap red or black carpet for the bearers on Nirvana when I saw there was a clearing sale in Bairnsdale. One of the catgegories being cleared out was a whole bunch of carpet rolls from a local carpet store. So I picked up this tasteful 12m roll of carpet for $20. Cut off a 4m length for the bearers and laid the rest down on the shop floor. May have to upgrade the vacuum cleaner next?
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Re: Shed Comfort

Postby Greg » 30 Jan 2021, 20:25

Bob. You are just spoiling yourself rotten.

Go for it!!! :mrgreen:

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Re: Shed Comfort

Postby Alan » 30 Jan 2021, 21:42

poo Bob, one of those clamps next to the band saw is not straight.. :roll:

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Re: Shed Comfort

Postby Doc » 30 Jan 2021, 21:57

By the size of those burn outs on the red carpet , you must be running 12" mickey thompsons on the rear of the BMa .


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Re: Shed Comfort

Postby WoodRay » 31 Jan 2021, 13:25

Palashial, palachiel, palasheeall, pallehcial................ flash Bob.

4541 Andy
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Re: Shed Comfort

Postby 4541 Andy » 31 Jan 2021, 16:27

Most palatial shed you have there Mr Carter!. Next will be the lounge, refrigerator etc.

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