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Lewis style windscreen frames

Posted: 03 Aug 2020, 18:00
by Greg
There was some talk somewhere recently about sourcing Lewis type windscreen frames.

I happened to have a genuine set off a 1964 winged Lewis that I am about to get replated. Before I do that tomorrow, I dropped into to Billmans Foundry in Castlemaine (Vic) and asked about making some using my originals as patterns.

The quote came back as:

Patternwork (which is a one off for all frames) $400
Left and right side frames $300 ea + GST
Centre post $260 + GST

I don’t know how much GST is, but if it is 10%, you are looking at:

One set: $860 plus $86 plus $400 comes to $1346
Two sets: $860 plus $86 plus $200 comes to $1146
Three sets: $860 plus $86 plus $135 comes to $1079
Four sets: $860 plus $86 plus $100 comes to $1046
Five sets: $860 plus $86 plus $400 comes to $1026

Of course, then you have to chrome them, but at least the items will be delivered cleaned up and ready to plate.

The material used is bronze.