15ft 60s clinker

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15ft 60s clinker

Postby Will » 31 Oct 2019, 11:18

The blokes @ the Rathmines boat shed have acquired this partly constructed 15 ft boat .. built by a recently departed man ... and his wife who sort out potential experts to finish the build ( she is in her 80s)
The designer is unknown but the couple of shipwrights @ the shed think it could be a kit ?? Was there such a thing in the early 60s?
Planks are solid timber 5/8 thick - 9 per side .. transom solid 1 1/4 thick
Is there anyone who might be interested to run an eye over the boat ?

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Re: 15ft 60s clinker

Postby Will » 18 Aug 2020, 13:14

Have had another look at this boat - the Rathmines Boat shed blokes have taken it on as a project.
The latest story is the boat is a Wells built boat to a Goldsborough design . They have acquired a 350chev thats new and has full marine conversion including a dog clutch which is in the process of being fitted . I will try and attach some pics from today
20200818_102930.jpg (8.41 MiB) Viewed 728 times
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Re: 15ft 60s clinker

Postby bootlegger » 08 Oct 2020, 23:29

Gee not many ribs.

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