Too far gone? what is it?

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Too far gone? what is it?

Postby NoBoat4Me » 18 Jun 2019, 22:35


I have inherited this relic and was wondering if its too far gone? Would the wood be strong enough to have a rebuild?
I have no idea what kind of hull it is and it will need a bit of work on the top deck. It has a Dodge Flat head straight 6 which was going when parked some 45 odd years ago. It has been undercover all this time except when the first shed fell over - its now in the second shed with looks to have fallen over and broken the deck. Soon to be moved to a third shed - hopefully better luck this time :)

Its a boat they are money pits I know - but it would be kinda nice to float it for a bit if we can. That engine should sound cool. Not interested in a show boat, and I doubt it ever was when my dad got it.

Located in SA.

Thank you
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Re: Too far gone? what is it?

Postby NoBoat4Me » 18 Jun 2019, 22:41

Back in 2004 in the first shed.
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