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Windscreen trim

Posted: 13 Feb 2016, 22:33
by osprey
Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone has a contact / ideas for chrome trim for the top edge of perspex windscreen panels ?
Needs to be a bit flexible to follow slight curve on top of screen...U-shaped channel.
Not exactly sure of sizing at the moment....waiting patiently for delivery of new Everingham frames...all polished up from C.E and A in Sth Aust.
Checked them out when l was over there picking the boat up 18 mths ago....couldn't go past the Bow guard as well !!......should finish the old girl off nicely.
Was also thinking of using stained and varnished timber quad for trim/seal at base of screen where it meets the deck instead of usual rubber seal ??
Any ideas/thoughts would be appreciated.