Deck vents

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Deck vents

Postby osprey » 13 Dec 2015, 23:31

Hi all,
Just doing a mock-up with my glass hull clinker/ timber deck Everingham project before l start laying on the
?? ? ( probably 4 or 5 ) coats of Spa Marine varnish.
I've sourced some great deck fittings and managed to work up some alluminium "table edge " for trim around timber.. all polished
up and looking good .....
Looking for some advice /suggestions regarding some "clam shell " vents l've got ......
Was looking to mount them on the front deck section / bow similar to the ones on "Cherokee" in the CAWPBA
For Sale area .......
QUESTION. .....for authenticity, accepted practice, or lf l actually drill holes and want to use them as real vents
They sort of look cool either way....and at this point of time they're really just a bit of extra bling ...not really
looking to use them as vents ......just dont want the....." you know they're facing the wrong way " and the ensuing
lecture on aerodynamics. !!
A good mate of mine recons to ditch them altogether. ..but he's not into the classic / wooden aspect .....
Beauty and / or crap is in the eye of the beholder but l'm interested in feedback if you've got the time

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Re: Deck vents

Postby Greg » 15 Dec 2015, 13:50


My thoughts:

Forward facing vents allow ram air from the boat's forward movement to ventilate the area below them, ie, under the forward deck, the engine compartment, etc.
Rear facing vents will ventilate by allowing air pushed into the area by another source to escape, or through a bit of venturi action sucking air out when the boat is moving forward, which I doubt would be very effective.

For mine, they are designed to have the opening facing forward to allow air to be pushed in through ram action.

I have gone through a fair few pictures I have and the vast majority have the opening facing forward.

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Re: Deck vents

Postby osprey » 15 Dec 2015, 19:25

Thanks for that Greg,
That was my thoughts...and that was the original plan.
I think l'll still wait and see how the old girl comes up after coating the deck and then re-attatching the bits and pieces that actually matter.....still recon they'll go on though....." nostrils in the bonnet " look pretty cool !!

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Re: Deck vents

Postby osprey » 15 Dec 2015, 19:26

Facing forwards that is.

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