mystery skiff restoration

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Re: mystery skiff restoration

Postby DaveD » 06 Sep 2015, 15:11

Looking good Nathan.
And I tend to agree with Bob, I think the "sister" ribs were repairs as a result of the punishment caused by racing, although I have read of clashes during racing as well.
When you are sitting in the rear of a Skiff and see how much movement there can be with everything in front of you, its not hard to believe that this might break some ribs.

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Re: mystery skiff restoration

Postby Doc » 06 Sep 2015, 16:17

I think the ribs are the right spacing for the skiff ,if you take out every 2nd rib the spacing is to wide .

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Re: mystery skiff restoration

Postby piquet95971 » 06 Sep 2015, 20:16

When it comes time to start nail and roving everything back together there is one place that I would not get the roves from.
Don't buy them from the wooden boat shop in Sorrento.
I bought some from there and they are were wrong in so many ways.
I'm sure that there is a place that I can get better ones from.
Their nails are OK but their roves are thinner gauge, a taller profile and have a sharp edge that cuts into the timber when it is roved home, damaging the timber.

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Re: mystery skiff restoration

Postby retroboat » 06 Sep 2015, 22:33

Thanks for that, I will be getting them from boatcraft pacific or classic boat supplies.

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