Rudder set-up

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Rudder set-up

Postby osprey » 05 Aug 2015, 20:49

Hi all,
Just been doing some mock fit ups on my clinker project....
Too sh#t scared to attempt glueing the ply deck panels at the moment
We've got a glorious ?! Melbourne winter happening and l recon it's
just too cold ...especially up here in the Dandenong Ranges.
Have managed to varnish Blackwood dash and other trim with a couple of coats
but it just takes forever......just hanging for a few more degrees and a little less humidity .
Now to the question at hand. ..
Setting up the cav plate and rudder/quadrant (external ) there seems to be quite a bit
of movement /slack where the rudder shaft goes through the cav plate.
Probably 3mm or so.
Should there be a bush here ?? Don't know how agricultural these set-ups normally are.
Any thoughts would be appreciated as l haven't had a chance to check out any in the flesh.

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Re: Rudder set-up

Postby screwit » 05 Aug 2015, 21:18

Rudder and cav plate had different sizes in shaft
3/4 - 7/8 - 1"
Should be a bush in cav plate

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Re: Rudder set-up

Postby Reklaw » 11 Aug 2015, 07:07

You can buy rudder bearings/bushes. Here's a link to the Cassell site for rudder bearings. ... aring.html

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Re: Rudder set-up

Postby osprey » 20 Aug 2015, 20:31

Thanks for the info guys.
Bush ordered and on it's well as a rudder shaft collar that'll be abit better than the ss hose clamp
I'd put on there thinking it would probably do the job !? ?
Temp/weather looking a bit better over the next few days so l'm biting the bullet and going to give this Purbond ( Boatcraft )
adhesive a go and get this ply deck down ....clamps,weights and straps all ready to go !!
Still puckering at the thought of it ..but I'm sure it's going to be OK !!
Can't wait to get some varnish (Feast Watson Spa Marine ) on this... if the results of the Blackwood dash and other trim panels are any indication...lots of work..I'm sure it'll come up a treat.
Thanks again, and I'll keep posting for any of you that may be interested.

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