Narrandera 2020

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Re: Narrandera 2020

Postby Alan » 17 Jun 2020, 16:54

The committee has set the CAWPBA AGM for 2020 on the 31st of October, in Narrandera. The venue will be announced when arrangements are finalised.

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Re: Narrandera 2020

Postby Darren » 17 Jun 2020, 21:46

We be going, it's the Cup Day weekend Bob, same weekend as last year :D ....yeah don't know the date

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Re: Narrandera 2020

Postby Reklaw » 06 Jul 2020, 17:07

Things may be changing all of a sudden. Wonder if they can move the border North by a few hundred k's for that weekend.

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Re: Narrandera 2020

Postby Chivs » 11 Sep 2020, 17:47

Ahoy all from beautiful Narrandera!! Water the lowest I’ve seen it I reckon if I went for a wade I could stub myself on a lost prop!? Caravan park dude said he had already returned booking money to those that canceled for info I hope you get some water for those attending? Cheers
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4541 Andy
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Re: Narrandera 2020

Postby 4541 Andy » 11 Sep 2020, 18:04

G’day Chris,
I am sure you will find out in the near future, the whole Murrumbidgee storage has been lowered in preparation for an expected high river event. All regulators on the low bridge flood plain are open. A document I read last week predictsflows of 100,000 megs per day here at the end of the river. Everybig irrigation pump is running flat out pumping off allocation water. Looking like Yanga will get water, Lake Tala, the last one we went to here has had water running into it for a couple of weeks now

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Re: Narrandera 2020

Postby Darren » 11 Sep 2020, 21:34

I am envious Chivs, even with the water low it still looks fantastic.
And great insight Andy, I think us Melburians are due for 20 to 35 mm tomorrow, it will extend north, but I am gathering this is delayed water from weeks ago?

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Re: Narrandera 2020

Postby WoodRay » 02 Oct 2020, 10:20

I just spoke with the van park about my booking and they are happy to accept a cancelation/roll over up to the day before. Subject to NSW opening the border I'm still planning to go (I'm in regional Vic). I'd be interested to know how many would still be planning to go anyway from other states pending borders.

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Re: Narrandera 2020

Postby retroboat » 06 Oct 2020, 18:29

Craig Im still planning to go.
The Caravan Park has told me the Lake is full again,
However this is subject to change depending on whether the border opens I will be making the call the day before in the hope the border opens.

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