Stinga - John Nason

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Bob Vic
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Stinga - John Nason

Postby Bob Vic » 22 Feb 2016, 11:38

I can't recall if the question was asked on this BB but here's the answer. John Nason had a raced a timber rear mount Lewis runabout which Ron Johnson did the skiff to runabout conversion. The question was, what was the name of the skiff. The answer is... Rampage. It was owned by Josh Gielen and Neil Howe (Hydromania) and had been stored in a shed for some time and had dry rot in a few planks.

Stinga 1979.jpg
Stinga 1979.jpg (244.15 KiB) Viewed 1397 times
Stinga 1979 02.jpg
Stinga 1979 02.jpg (53.24 KiB) Viewed 1398 times

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Re: Stinga - John Nason

Postby bootlegger » 22 Feb 2016, 17:59

So will it be restored?

Paul SA
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Re: Stinga - John Nason

Postby Paul SA » 22 Feb 2016, 18:23

I am with dave is it going to be restored as stinga or the skiff. I know of a club member that was chasing that boat very hard but was told it was gone

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