16 ft Halverson -Rathmines boat shed

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16 ft Halverson -Rathmines boat shed

Postby Will » 02 Feb 2016, 21:35

I visited the Rathmines Classic boat shed today and was surprised to see a 16ft clinker in the early stages of restoration. I was told it was a Halverson ( tho the story goes that the bloke that built it worked for Halverson but built the boat outside the business)
Research revealed the only ref to such a boat I could find was in the Hollow Log V6 issue1 but it surely is not the same boat because this boat requires a full restoration.
Ill find out some more details for yr records Greg if there is interest and post some pics on the way. Apparently the owner is in the Crane business and has contracted the Classic Boat Shed to do the resto

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Re: 16 ft Halverson -Rathmines boat shed

Postby bootlegger » 02 Feb 2016, 22:50

Halvorsen built a couple of speedboats. I have there book somewhere will all the production numbers.

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Re: 16 ft Halverson -Rathmines boat shed

Postby Greg » 03 Feb 2016, 08:10

The only Halvo speed boat I know of is (I believe) in Victoria, the same one as featured in newsletter.

Great to hear of another. Any pics and info would be great Kevin.

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Re: 16 ft Halvorsen -Rathmines boat shed

Postby Will » 04 Feb 2016, 16:40

A bit more info boat owner Gavin of South lakes cranes Morrisset NSW - has 2 other restored clinkers (2nd hand info so??)
This boat is meranti planked 8 per side and was powered by a flat head ford 6
tried to attach some photos
Oh nearly forgot the Boat shed are only doing the replanking of this boat the owner and his wife are completing the rest.
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