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Re: Ronda

Postby Chivs » 09 Jan 2018, 22:57

Not a dumb question Ray! As a Lewis owner my experience suggests best not to have thread, no delay getting the bungs out!!

Will make it very easy for Pink Bits to sit in the back and pull them out while under way to keep her pink shoes dry.

Funny your post the other day re running repairs to the Worry, I assume you didn't sell it with the paint, so no doubt you were able to do the repair and the touch up with you know what's?

Mate if anyone deserves Ronda it was you well done and the best of luck and finally I also am aware you are after another spot light for your car, how about the one on Ronda's deck?

Cheers cobber

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Re: Ronda

Postby rayza1 » 12 Jan 2018, 10:59

Started wetting Ronda out in preparation for a test run this weekend, has a few leaks but i guess that's to be expected. Not as bad as i was expecting

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Re: Ronda

Postby rayza1 » 23 Jan 2018, 22:24

Well, the test run went brilliantly!! I can only say that she goes and handles as good as she looks. More to come on that later! I spoke to the chap i bought it from tonight and he has confirmed that it is definately Ronda as there was some conjecture that it may have been Ronda 2. This came about because there was another Ronda that was owned by the same people that caught fire and burnt before this one came to be, but Ronda 2 was a skiff, although i'm led to believe it had the same hull design but fitted out as a single cockpit. Was also told that the holden red fitted to Ronda 2 cost them 1,000 pounds to build (pre decimal currency?) I will get to meet the original owner at Paynesville in March

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Re: Ronda

Postby RightyO » 24 Jan 2018, 09:29

Ray is right i went down to watch it hit the water it looks to turn really well both ways sits really nice on the water .Rays smile said it all .

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Re: Ronda

Postby Wildwoody1 » 24 Jan 2018, 15:25

Owned the "Rhonda Too" engine after its Skiff days and as $1000 pounds was quoted thought I would share what you actually got for your money in those days: 149 block machined to 154ci
12 port head
Hi Comp Repco pistons
Full balance job with light flywheel
Wade Cam
Tawco Drive and Mounts and water pump
Waggott Dry Sump pump
Modified Sump
Mallory Dual Point Distributor and Coil
"Facey" tubular intake and extractors
3 X 45 mill Webbers
Chrome side covers and Rocker cover

wild woody,

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