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by Alan
21 Sep 2009, 15:19
Forum: Get Togethers and Events
Topic: Narrandera
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Re: Narrandera

I plan to be there Friday, and leave Monday.

by Alan
28 Aug 2009, 22:17
Forum: Main Room
Topic: Everingham Boats
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Re: Everingham Boats

Hi Glen,
welcome to the club and the board, hope we can see you and the boat at Narrandera.

Alan. :)
by Alan
17 Aug 2009, 07:51
Forum: Restoration Help and Advice
Topic: any one have triple su's
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Re: any one have triple su's

Hi Brian, it depends on which end you're driving from, as to what you can find in the way of manifolds. If you want to run a separate inlet to the water cooled exhaust, most car style manifolds are angled to run with the flywheel end lower and that stuffs up the angles if you want to run off the fro...
by Alan
23 Jul 2009, 07:16
Forum: Main Room
Topic: Hull ID
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Re: Hull ID

you sure it's not an Eddy (cousin Giavani)

by Alan
14 Jul 2009, 07:55
Forum: Restoration Help and Advice
Topic: Dog clutches
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Re: Dog clutches

Don't forget that if you turn the motor around, you also need to change the prop.

by Alan
10 Jun 2009, 22:12
Forum: Main Room
Topic: dee ka jay
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Re: dee ka jay

Can't wait to see it, just love that ashtray :mrgreen:
by Alan
13 May 2009, 21:56
Forum: Restoration Help and Advice
Topic: A Don't Do
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Re: A Don't Do

Bob, did you say build them in? dam I've just been counting them to fall asleep, and that don't take much these days.

by Alan
15 Mar 2009, 22:34
Forum: Main Room
Topic: CAWPBA Website difficult to locate
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Re: CAWPBA Website difficult to locate

Garry, Greg, just did a test myself, opened google typed in cawpba and up it popped. So then I tried the full name, and found it hard to get a direct hit even when I went back to using "cawpba", I then found that at some stage I was looking only in Australia. Strange that it works best whe...
by Alan
11 Mar 2009, 22:47
Forum: Do You Need This?
Topic: Holden 179 - Marinised
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Re: Holden 179 - Marinised

Thanks Bob,
I like the look of this one now I know what they mean by a "log" manifold.
Alan. :shock:

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