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by bootlegger
14 Feb 2019, 17:47
Forum: Main Room
Topic: News Letter
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Re: News Letter

My truck is famous.
by bootlegger
10 Feb 2019, 08:28
Forum: Main Room
Topic: Bulletin board disaster.
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Re: Bulletin board disaster.

As quiet as the BB has become i still believe its a great repository of info. Facebook is like a newspaper. The news on it is only good for one day.
by bootlegger
21 Nov 2018, 18:22
Forum: Do You Need This?
Topic: Wooden hull on Gumtree
Replies: 5
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Re: Wooden hull on Gumtree

Im not sure its a lewis.
by bootlegger
10 Aug 2018, 22:13
Forum: Main Room
Topic: Newsletter
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Re: Newsletter

Thanks greg for a great read.
by bootlegger
30 Jul 2018, 21:01
Forum: Get Togethers and Events
Topic: WaggaWagga
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Re: WaggaWagga

Im planning on doing both.
by bootlegger
06 Jul 2018, 22:19
Forum: Get Togethers and Events
Topic: VSBC 70th Anniversary
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Re: VSBC 70th Anniversary

I indicated an interest to run Aggressor at this but things arent working out well for me to make this happen. Im kinda frustrated as i think she needs to be there.
by bootlegger
06 Jul 2018, 22:17
Forum: Main Room
Topic: Collection
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Re: Collection

Well done.
by bootlegger
26 Jun 2018, 12:56
Forum: Main Room
Topic: Vale Keith Laws
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Re: Vale Keith Laws

He rang me often and had a huge knowledge of powerboat history. Rip
by bootlegger
05 Jun 2018, 22:40
Forum: Get Togethers and Events
Topic: Historic Winton 2018
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Re: Historic Winton 2018

Yes it was a good weekend.
by bootlegger
22 May 2018, 20:35
Forum: Main Room
Topic: Glen - L Thunderbolt build
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Re: Glen - L Thunderbolt build


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