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by Greg
03 Aug 2020, 18:00
Forum: Do You Need This?
Topic: Lewis style windscreen frames
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Lewis style windscreen frames

There was some talk somewhere recently about sourcing Lewis type windscreen frames. I happened to have a genuine set off a 1964 winged Lewis that I am about to get replated. Before I do that tomorrow, I dropped into to Billmans Foundry in Castlemaine (Vic) and asked about making some using my origin...
by Greg
28 Jul 2020, 18:15
Forum: Wanted
Topic: Catalina
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Does anyone remember a boat called Catalina?

It used to race on Albert Park in the 60's and was owned by Leslie Austin.
by Greg
27 Jul 2020, 20:56
Forum: Restoration Help and Advice
Topic: Carol-Lee
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Re: Carol-Lee

They have been done before Ray, with great expense. The other issue is that there were a few different designs over the years, so you would have to work out which one suited you boat (if you wanted to be really fussy).
by Greg
02 Jul 2020, 21:32
Forum: Get Togethers and Events
Topic: Eagle Point Paynesville
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Re: Eagle Point Paynesville

Yes Craig, I'm definitely in for this. Some time in February should see us clear of school holidays and hopefully the poxy virus and its restrictions will have settled by then as well.
by Greg
28 Jun 2020, 09:37
Forum: Do You Need This?
Topic: Chris-Craft
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Re: Chris-Craft

There has been a price reduction on this boat. Refer the website:
by Greg
27 Jun 2020, 12:50
Forum: Do You Need This?
Topic: Everingham runabout
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Everingham runabout

Lady Bird is up for sale.

Check the website:
by Greg
18 Jun 2020, 20:04
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: Really off topic
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Re: Really off topic

Darren, I simply cannot think of anything to say in response Craig, yes Andy, yes, too. Funnily enough, I am hoping going to get a bonfire going on Saturday - winter solstice and all that other pagan stuff. Not sure how the inch or so of predicted rain on Saturday is going to affect things. It and t...
by Greg
16 Jun 2020, 20:51
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: Really off topic
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Really off topic

No boating - too cold, not enough close water, made to feel bad if you do go out in case you've got the pox and might give it to someone else or you haven't got it but might get it off someone else.

Damn it, I'll drink to staying at home.

del 5.jpg
del 5.jpg (143.36 KiB) Viewed 343 times
by Greg
16 Jun 2020, 17:50
Forum: Main Room
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That is such a great photograph on every level!
by Greg
14 May 2020, 07:42
Forum: Main Room
Topic: 1960,s FLASHBACK
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Re: 1960,s FLASHBACK

A couple of excellent pics Graeme. Thanks for the nostalgia.

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