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Looking for a boat project, Peter Moir went and had a look at the collection of another member. A boat that might have been suitable was mentioned and Pete went for a look, but couldn't find it. After a bit more discussion and a couple more visits, the skiff was found buried under a vine and other rubbish. It looked a bit past it, so Peter walked away.



Ābout three weeks or so later, he went back for another look. After haggling a price with the owner, Zarak was extracted and taken home.


The boat was stripped down, removing the deck and a couple of planks that were beyond it. A couple of hours a day was all that Peter could spend on it, but it was progressing all the same.

While the deck was being replaced, his son-in-law built a new trailer. Once the deck was finalised, another son-in-law spray painted it.

In the meantime, the boat's 138 ci Holden 6 cylinder was being rebuilt.



After nearly two years Zarak was relaunched. Some settling down followed, including getting those triple carburettors sorted.

Zarak is a 13' Everingham skiff with a respected racing career, including winning the Stewart Doyle Cup.