Classic Australian Wooden Power Boats




Photo Collection


Here are some further examples of photos from the collection of Trevor Webb, taken when
Trevor was doing some circuit racing. The pictures are from the late 50's to mid 60's and
were taken mainly in NSW.




Dust Free - a quick Hudson powered skiff on Lake George
in Canberra during a Murrumbidgee-Canberra Boat Club
 event in the 60's


Firefly, representing the South Queensland P.B.C. and
 Lebana from the Silverwater S.B.C. between heats of
the  Eastway Shield




Fury, John L and Tango all at 62 Stuart Doyle Gold Cup.
This photo shows about half the boats that were in
attendance on the day.


Hawk with the twin cam Waggott head on the venerable
 old Grey Holden engine , a quick little 155 c.i. skiff






Re-action doing a bit of prop riding - one of the "Re" boats.


Rocket, a country skiff from Foster on the NSW north
coast, at the 1962 Stuart Doyle




The Major , Ken Waggott's Everingham 155c.i. (red Holden)
and sistership of the Flea. Flea nearly always got the
 better of the two (Ford power!)

Flight, Robbie George's runabout at St. George M.B.C.
 setting a 300 c.i. speed record of 77.67 mph in 1967.