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This 16' Keith Simpkin hull came to light in mid 2014, having been tucked away in a shed for about 20 years


The boat was used as a regular ski boat amongst some mates before becoming a training boat for them when they decided to compete in the Southern 80 ski race


The 350 Chev had some "work" done on it, as well as some hull work for strength, before the boat started doing plenty of high speed work towing the skiers


Then, that old story comes in; life moves on, people get married, have kids and all the while, the boat keeps getting pushed further back in the shed with more stuff piled on top of it until one day it is realised it won't be used again and needs to go.



Step in Ken Lemin. Ken purchased the boat and took it into his workshop.





Six months later, the transformation was done. The boat's original name was re-instated. The pictures speak for themselves.

Another fine boat added to Ken's fleet.