Classic Australian Wooden Power Boats

Highlights of meetings, outings and shows


NSW Wet Together, Windsor 2003


A couple of pictures from the event.

A full report on the Festival was included in the The Hollow Log, Vol 3 Issue 4.


Boats pictured are The Bug, Crazy Baby, Cee Cee and Mystress

Quick burn at Carrum, 2003


Darren Goldberg and I spent a couple of hours breaking boats.

From The Hollow Log Volume 3 Issue 4.

Stormy and Steinway


2004 Sydney Classic & Wooden Boat Festival

Here are a selction of pictures from last year's event.

The full story on the event was included in The Hollow Log Volume 4 Issue 2.

An excellent show with a fabulous turnout of boats.



NSW Wet Together, Windsor 2004

The traditional Monday after the Sydney Classic & Wooden Boat Festival.

There was a full report on this event in The Hollow Log Volume 4 Issue 2.


It was a great day, no doubt about it!

Heritage Boat Show, Melbourne 2004

This event was held in Willianstown in March.

The full story on the day was in The Hollow Log Volume 4 Issue 3.

It was the first time the event was run and we were there.