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Lewis Hull


I purchased this boat to save it. The owner knew he had something but had not the time, skills or knowledge to restore her. He purchased her from the guy who glassed her.


While its maker is unknown, it has the shape and build of a Lewis. She has great lines, but unfortunately the plank extensions at the transom have been cut off to facilitate fibre-glassing; but that is a finishing detail that can be recovered with some clever joinery.


She was in the weather when I found her but I have kept her in dry storage since I brought her home in January. It is time to remove the fibreglass.


Apparently the original engine was a Chev small block but the engine now with the boat is a Holden 253 with engine mounts, marine exhaust manifolds and dog clutch. The engine has not been in the boat but I am told was a goer when removed from the donor car. The engine has been stored out of the weather, so there is no water damage. There is neither a carby nor a dizzy with the engine nor is there oil cooling.


There are some other bits to the boat including cavitation plate, rudder, prop shaft and prop. The trailer is solid and useable but unregistered.


This boat is definitely worth saving and would make a great project. I would love to get her back on the water myself but have way too many other projects to be able to get to her in a reasonable time. Help me out please and give her a good home.


Boat is located in NSW.


For more information, contact Steve on 0407 469 991 or


Any reasonable offer considered.