Classic Australian Wooden Power Boats


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                                                                                U-Too was built by Ian Dobbie in Queensland in 1964

                                                                                Originally powered by a supercharged Peugot, U-Too at one time ran a supercharged V6 Chev and for a time
                                                                                was known as Mr Magoo

                                                                                U-Too is now powered by a turbocharged 1.8 ltr Opel 4 cylinder engine and is still capable of speeds in excess
                                                                                of 70 mph

                                                                                The turbo was re-manufactured by Adelaide Turbo Services in 2015

                                                                                Wiring was updated in 2016

                                                                                The boat has an oil recovery system installed along with a Wolf 3D ECU & Controller, meaning it can run on 98
                                                                                Premium Unleaded, though it does prefer Avgas

                                                                                The boat rides on an all aluminium and steel trailer with white alloys and low profile tyres. It also includes an
                                                                                alloy spare and extendable drawbar for easy launch and retrieval

                                                                                Also included are two spare motors: a 1.8 ltr and a 2.0 ltr, a smaller spare 2 bladed prop and a host of other
                                                                                spare parts

                                                                                The boat is in very good condition for its age and is a thrill to drive





The boat is located at Middleton, SA

Call John on 0499 108 315 for further details

Asking price is $10,000 or offers