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Tia Maria



                                                                                        Tia Maria is an early 1960's Lewis runabout.

                                                                                        The boat was obtained as a project by owner Mick McCardle in 2013

                                                                                        Mick collected the boat from Dubbo in NSW and brought it home to South Australia for restoration

                                                                                        The boat was found to be in excellent original condition, not requiring any major plank work and even
                                                                                        the original African mahogany deck proved good enough to retain

                                                                                        The 17 footer is pushed along by a very healthy 327 Chev and proved to be a very quick boat

                                                                                        Tia Maria made its debut at the 2014 Goolwa Aquafest





Tia Maria was beautifully presented



The original African mahogany deck was able to be retained


Classic clinker transom


At the 2014 Goolwa Aquafest


Again at Goolwa, participating in some "spirited" demonstrations


Tia Maria proved to be a very quick boat


And spectacular as well


A crowd favourite at the 2014 Goolwa Aquatic Club Aquafest