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Screamin' Eagle III


Screamin' Eagle III is an Everingham skiff built in 1968 for Ian Harvey of Victoria.

The boat was raced with a variety of engines during its racing career. The engines ranged from a Waggot Holden in the 155 ci class to a Repco Brabham V8. The boat had a reasonably successful racing career in the hands of Harvey, as well as other drivers such as Ron Hull and Col Winton.

After tracking the boat down in Melbourne in 2001, Paul Siddall obtained the boat in February 2002 and took it back to South Australia for restoration. When obtained, the hull was being converted to a runabout, with a forward cockpit being installed.

Paul completed restoring the boat back to its original configuration in 2002. A 6 cylinder Holden 138 ci motor was eventually chosen to power the craft.


The caption to the photograph on the left read "Ron Hull displays his typical 'mild to wild' driving style while pushing Ian Harvey's 155 c.i. skiff SCREAMIN EAGLE to the ragged edge".

The photos on the right was taken in 1969, when running a Brabham V8 at speed

After many years in hiding, the "Eagle has landed".

The boat at its new home in South Australia

Waiting for a new engine

Initially, the chosen power in the form of a 283 Chev
was fitted up before any restoration work was started

Deck removal begins
Decking and bulkheads removed and retained as patterns
Engine comes out to allow hull work to begin
Paint stripping is a long and tedious job
Stripped (left) and sanded (right)
A thinned down combination of paint and stain was applied with a rag

First coat of varnish on - only 10 to go

Looking good

Hull flipped back over and internals cleaned , sanded and repainted
Cockpit, bulkheads and engine bay frames built up and fitted.

Silver Ash was the timber used.

Deck being fitted up.
Mahogany ply was chosen for the deck
Deck nearly ready for varnish
Plugs are in and sanded
Varnish going on and bringing out the mahogany colour
Varnish application continues

Cockpit dash ready for instruments

King plank fitted and bringing up the
contrast between the mahogany and ash

Trailer as received

The paint stripping begins

Sanded back ready for paint

Paint completed

Paint was matched to the hull colour
The hull back on its trailer, ready for its trip to the signwriter. No stick on lettering for this boat
The name and graphics are first outlined
White paint applied first, then the black

Then the yellow lettering and other signage

Trailer signage and detailing completed

New upholstery fitted and dashboard finalised
Completed and back on the trailer and engine fitted
The boat ran beautifully first time out
A deserving restoration to a pedigreed boat