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Nautilus II






Nautilus II is a Fauber type multi-step hydroplane built in 1912 by H.Mawmill of Melbourne for Messrs. F & P Cornwall of Melbourne.

It is pictured here in 1914- 1915 with from left, Jack Day, Percy Cornwall and Fred Cornwall






Nautilus II won the 1913 Victorian Championship (38 mph approx) and was Australian Champion 1914 1915, winning the Griffith Cup against Anthony Horden.

Pictured left in 1915 winning the Griffith Cup in Melbourne





Nautilus II was powered by a 15 ltr 120 HP 6 cylinder engine from a Napier race car

Pictured left in 1965, fitted with a 220 HP Hispano Suiza engine



Nautilus II sat in the background of the Victorian Maritime Museum for some years until the museum was closed down in the late 90's. It was then placed in storage.


Owned by the Victorian National Trust, it was brought out of storage and displayed briefly in 2005 at Williamstown before again being stored


The boat has since been acquired by the National Maritime Museum in Sydney and now, sadly, has again been placed in storage.

Although slightly modified from original, this is a boat of national significance and should be on display for all to see, not languishing away out of sight. If it was in America, it would have pride of place in a glass case.