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Corvette is a 14' clinker runabout built in 1966 by Neville Burton in Charlton in Victoria


Burton , a cabinet maker by trade, built 14 boats to order by local clients


Corvette was purchased new for use as a family ski boat by a Mr Lane of Bendigo. It was ordered after seeing another Burton built boat, Fiona, owned by a friend


Originally fitted with a Holden 149 6 cylinder, the engine was later upgraded to a Holden 186S


The boat was used extensively alongside Fiona throughout the 60's, 70's and 80's


As the kids got older, the boat was used less and less until it was eventually parked and covered up in the family garage.

In 2008 Mr Lane decided to sell the no longer used boat to create some room in the shed for other projects. The boat was in excellent condition, having been well looked after.



The boat was sold and is now based with Peter Bartetzko in NSW